All About Me

Artist Statement:


This is the part where I am supposed to say something deep and meaningful about my artwork so here it goes...I like bright colors and things that make me smile.


It's really as simple as that! Art has been so tremendously therapeutic for me and has helped me through some very hard times. I've been told that my art is always happy and positive, even the pieces I make when I'm feeling the exact opposite. Even on the worst days, all I have to do is pick up a paintbrush, load it up with the brightest, loudest colors I can find, then paint a goofy looking dog or skeleton and I'm smiling within minutes. My hope is that my pieces will make others feel the same way. My main goal is that by sharing my art with others, I will inspire them to want to try this 'therapy' for themselves.


My background is in wheel thrown and hand built high fire pottery and mixed media art. It wasn't until I came to work for a well-known low-fire ceramic glaze manufacturer a few years ago did I discover the joy of painting on preformed and fired bisque pieces.  This art form allowed me to apply all of the techniques I use to make mixed media art to ceramics. It's the best of both worlds! I have been thoroughly enjoying introducing my 'mixed media' painting style into the ceramic industry, and my love for ceramics into the mixed media sector.


I currently reside in Fresno, CA, where I am aspiring to be the crazy cat lady, only with dogs too.


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